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It won’t be any surprise to anyone to know that I am a lady of certain age who thinks she can do treat her body with contempt, like she did when she was younger. Well it was a shock to me!!

Ove a period of months last year I found that my Achilles’s tendons were becoming very painful and I couldn’t work out why. Getting out of bed in the morning was painful as it took a awhile for the stiffness to wear off so that I could start the day.

I eventually asked James if he could help….having put if off as long as possible.

James went through a process of assessment on my Achilles’ and also assessment of my flexibility and strength of my muscles, as well as massage. Therapy and stretches to get more mobile. Within a few weeks things were better but James didn’t leave it at that…he was prepared to tell me off!!

Harsh but necessary…if I don’t do the exercises he has given me it is likely that the problem will come back. In general I need to do more exercises. I can’t disagree…so I have been walking more, eating less and doing more in the garden…not difficult is it?

James is very knowledgeable and he delivers the unpalatable truth in a way that is easy to swallow. I would recommend him to anyone who knows that they should be doing something about their aches and pains before it too late!!

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