Lower back pain

September 25, 2017 5:23 pm Published by

Recently I had a recurrence of an old back injury. This time it showed no signs of going

away and started to become progressively worse over a three month period. Once the

pain got to the stage of restricting my movement I decided this time I need help!

I consulted James Tomkies at Physioelite. James quickly got to the root of my problem

in one of my lower vertebrae. He prescribed a series of massage and manipulation

sessions with an exercise programme to increase my flexibility in-between sessions.

With about three weeks of seeing James my problem was solved, pain gone and full movement restored. It also “feels” like it is permanently resolved and shows no signs of recurring.

My message to anyone reading this is don’t suffer it, sort it!!  See James and his team at Physioelite and get put back together in no time.

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