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Long hours behind a desk and a young family can take their toll so when that nagging pain in my

Lower back started to affect my sleep I decided to take action!

I could have made an appointment to see my doctor but being told to take some pain killers and do

More exercise was unlikely to make me feel better or work so I decided to visit James.

James was professional from the start and proved to be genuinely interested in fixing me rather than turning me into a regular client. After a physical MOT and a chat about my routines and commitments he put together 5 simple exercises that I could easily fit into my day.

Within 3 weeks the pain had significantly reduced and after 3 more visits where James reviewed my progress and adjusted my exercises it had vanished!

Six months later I am still pain free and recommend James to everyone who complains about a twinge or niggle.

As I slip back to old habits I think he probable has signed me up for life after all.

If you have an ache or pain, don’t live with it see a professional, call James!

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