Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain

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I had been suffering from all too familiar bout of neck, shoulder and back pain when I sought specialist treatment with James Tomkies of PhysioElite based at Virgin Health club in stoke Gifford.

James professional and friendly nature immediately set me at ease. Firstly he raised a series of questions in order to gauge the extent and whereabouts of the pain from my perspective before using professional techniques in order to expertly assess possible causes and prognosis.

Initially I was a little disappointed to learn that my apparent “overactive shoulder muscles” causing part of the problem, were not indicative of someone destined for Olympic glory. However James gently explained that I could improve and encouraged me to re-assess my working environment as well as my leisure activities. Over several weeks, James continued to assess my progress and by his advice adapting his modules operandi he continued to alleviate pain and advance my body’s improvement.

Prior to treatment my limited understanding of physiotherapy was assessment followed by manipulation to alleviate physical discomfort and some exercises for good measure.

However, James has proven to me he is no ordinary physiotherapist and his skill, innovative techniques and dedication extend well beyond this to strive for complete health welfare in his patients.  As a consequence not only do I feel physically improved but have a heightened level of concentration and focus.

I can honestly say I am impressed with James’ whole attitude and aptitude. Not only is he highly knowledgeable in his field, but I also found him to be completely genuine and would thoroughly recommend James’ services at PhysioElite for those in physical discomfort.

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