At PhysioElite we use two primary tools to ensure that we look for any elements of compensation that may have occurred as part of your injury. We use an innovative Biomechanics screen which is a series of tests done lying and standing which looks at the mechanics of your body and ensures that you have the right exercises in order to return to health.

It is much like a car MOT where we look under the bonnet effectively of your body and give you a precise series of things to do to ensure that you have no compensation and that you become both pain and injury free and the injury is prevented from returning. 

Secondarily we use a tool called ViMove which is a motion analysis technology where we apply specific sensors to your body in order to precisely analyse movement. As a result of this examination you get a bespoke series of exercises to carry out to deal with the effects of your damaged tissues. The idea of this again is to allow your body to return to normal, to enhance your wellbeing and empower you with the right exercises.