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Spinal Fusion

In the space of 6 months after spinal fusion I feel the benefit of physio has greatly improved

my confidence, flexibility and well being. James has always been very good in explaining what he is doing and the benefits each treatment will bring in easy to understand manner. I feel he listens then diagnoses rather than just does a routine session. He has shown me individual exercises to enable me to speed the healing process safety whether at home, the gym or in the pool. He has also performed flexibility tests to track my progress. I feel that advice and guidance he has given me will enable me to carry on my own with the knowledge I need to aid a full recovery. Although I have now finished my sessions I know I can pop in and see James with any concerns or queries in the future.

Sam Clarkson

Body Part-Tendon/Ankle

Symptoms prevented – running & cycling

After weeks of no improvement I visited James who diagnosed a different injury than I had been treating, within 3 weeks I was back to running pain free.

Martin Slade

Various Injuries

James Tomkies at Physioelite has treated me for various injuries; his expertise and knowledge are given in a caring and efficient manner.  His sense of humour assists when the treatment becomes uncomfortable.

With James’s help and advise, I have changed my outlook on life.  Exercise and healthy eating have replaced lethargy and bad diet.  He introduced me to the joys of Personal Training and the gym; this has now become a big part of my life.

In fact, all of the Physioelite are considerate, friendly and very professional- nothing is too much trouble.

Anne Burnham

Thank you

Thank you so much for looking after me I really appreciate all your effort and honesty. You are an exceptional Physiotherapist and I am so glad I met you on my Journey which (with your help) is ongoing.

Wendy Howse


I felt that I wanted to put pen to paper to thank James for patching me up and enabling me to run

a half Marathon with a personal training client.  I tore my hamstring three weeks before and thought I might not be able to do the race. Through the treatment and rehabilitation plan that James put together, I was fine on the day of the half Marathon.

I have been continually impressed with James expertise and depth of knowledge.

His thoroughness and professionalism have also shone through.

I would recommend James and Physioelite to my friends and PT clients.

Paul E. (Personal Trainer)

Lower back pain

Recently I had a recurrence of an old back injury. This time it showed no signs of going

away and started to become progressively worse over a three month period. Once the

pain got to the stage of restricting my movement I decided this time I need help!

I consulted James Tomkies at Physioelite. James quickly got to the root of my problem

in one of my lower vertebrae. He prescribed a series of massage and manipulation

sessions with an exercise programme to increase my flexibility in-between sessions.

With about three weeks of seeing James my problem was solved, pain gone and full movement restored. It also “feels” like it is permanently resolved and shows no signs of recurring.

My message to anyone reading this is don’t suffer it, sort it!!  See James and his team at Physioelite and get put back together in no time.

Stephen W

General mobility

Although not suffering any pain or injury I recently visited James for an assessment of my physical mobility. James carried out a full assessment, pointed out some specific problems such as my very

weak instep and he set me up a course of exercises to strengthen certain muscles and maintain my current levels of mobility.

Throughout the process I found James to be very professional, friendly, he has a good listening manner and he is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Physioelite.

Richard W

Achilles’ tendon injuries

As you know, I have had a long history of tendon trouble in both my Achilles that started in the early 1980s. Since the mid-1990s it essentially went away after treatment from you and use of orthotic inserts in my running shoes.

However in early 2012 I broke my right ankle and after over a year of recovery the tendon trouble began again. Most recently, earlier this year, after a 40 minute run the right Achilles’ tendon flared up.

It was heavily swollen, I could not walk without a heavy limp and it looked like a combination of tendonitis and tendonosis. I also managed to give myself ice burns on the ankle from using ice to reduce the swelling.

This meant that you were not able to use vigorous direct massage. At your suggestion and with minor additional treatment I used a “Gekko” four times in quick succession. The impact was remarkable to me. Within a few days the swelling subsided and I was able to walk without a limp. I am now able to run again although I am building back up slowly. I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone. In addition it was so much less painful than the usual massage and manipulation!

Peter M

Lower Back

Long hours behind a desk and a young family can take their toll so when that nagging pain in my

Lower back started to affect my sleep I decided to take action!

I could have made an appointment to see my doctor but being told to take some pain killers and do

More exercise was unlikely to make me feel better or work so I decided to visit James.

James was professional from the start and proved to be genuinely interested in fixing me rather than turning me into a regular client. After a physical MOT and a chat about my routines and commitments he put together 5 simple exercises that I could easily fit into my day.

Within 3 weeks the pain had significantly reduced and after 3 more visits where James reviewed my progress and adjusted my exercises it had vanished!

Six months later I am still pain free and recommend James to everyone who complains about a twinge or niggle.

As I slip back to old habits I think he probable has signed me up for life after all.

If you have an ache or pain, don’t live with it see a professional, call James!

Stuart Sermon
Team Partners Telecommunications


When I injured my knee playing hockey, I expected a major disruption to my hobbies, work and life in general.  As a fitness professional I could ill afford the limited range of movement that was caused by my injury, and did not savour the idea of being unable to run or get back on the pitch for up to 8 weeks.

I chose Physioelite because of positive comments from colleagues about their service and results.

After my first session with James Tomkies I had full range of movement that allowed me to carry out day to day activities and even continue with full fitness related demonstrations.

Over the next three weeks James worked with me through a range of treatments and exercises

(some of which were carried out in my own time) which allowed me to start running again and take part in sport that I enjoy. The time between injury and recovery took less than half the time that it otherwise may have taken without the help of James and his team.

Everything from excellent service of the staff to the flexibility of the appointments made the process trouble free. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of treatment.

James Mash - Personal Trainer

Achilles Tendon

It won’t be any surprise to anyone to know that I am a lady of certain age who thinks she can do treat her body with contempt, like she did when she was younger. Well it was a shock to me!!

Ove a period of months last year I found that my Achilles’s tendons were becoming very painful and I couldn’t work out why. Getting out of bed in the morning was painful as it took a awhile for the stiffness to wear off so that I could start the day.

I eventually asked James if he could help….having put if off as long as possible.

James went through a process of assessment on my Achilles’ and also assessment of my flexibility and strength of my muscles, as well as massage. Therapy and stretches to get more mobile. Within a few weeks things were better but James didn’t leave it at that…he was prepared to tell me off!!

Harsh but necessary…if I don’t do the exercises he has given me it is likely that the problem will come back. In general I need to do more exercises. I can’t disagree…so I have been walking more, eating less and doing more in the garden…not difficult is it?

James is very knowledgeable and he delivers the unpalatable truth in a way that is easy to swallow. I would recommend him to anyone who knows that they should be doing something about their aches and pains before it too late!!

Dr Sian Macgowan PHD MIRSM

Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain

I had been suffering from all too familiar bout of neck, shoulder and back pain when I sought specialist treatment with James Tomkies of PhysioElite based at Virgin Health club in stoke Gifford.

James professional and friendly nature immediately set me at ease. Firstly he raised a series of questions in order to gauge the extent and whereabouts of the pain from my perspective before using professional techniques in order to expertly assess possible causes and prognosis.

Initially I was a little disappointed to learn that my apparent “overactive shoulder muscles” causing part of the problem, were not indicative of someone destined for Olympic glory. However James gently explained that I could improve and encouraged me to re-assess my working environment as well as my leisure activities. Over several weeks, James continued to assess my progress and by his advice adapting his modules operandi he continued to alleviate pain and advance my body’s improvement.

Prior to treatment my limited understanding of physiotherapy was assessment followed by manipulation to alleviate physical discomfort and some exercises for good measure.

However, James has proven to me he is no ordinary physiotherapist and his skill, innovative techniques and dedication extend well beyond this to strive for complete health welfare in his patients.  As a consequence not only do I feel physically improved but have a heightened level of concentration and focus.

I can honestly say I am impressed with James’ whole attitude and aptitude. Not only is he highly knowledgeable in his field, but I also found him to be completely genuine and would thoroughly recommend James’ services at PhysioElite for those in physical discomfort.

Mrs Jo Cox F.Inst.L.Ex
Davis & Partners Property Lawyer

Post Tibical Tendonitis

Symptoms prevented – running over 5 miles and any activity with serious load bearing

I have been incredible impressed at the level and professionalism of the treatment I have received.

The advice and information on the anatomy of my injury area helped me to understand my diagnostic.

Ainsley Husain

Calf Pain

Symptoms prevented – running, boot camp, walking

James is an incredible knowable and friendly physio, without question he is the best physio I’ve seen. It’s really refreshing to receive preventative advice as well as treatment. I couldn’t have asked for more.

S Clarke

Back Pain

Symptoms prevented – walking for longer than 15mins, playing golf, caused difficulties at work.

I received a range of treatments and advice at the beginning of my injury, when this was not resolved there was a prompt referral to the surgeon. Very comprehensive and effective range of advice and treatment given during rehabilitation resulting in becoming pain free in 3 months

K Blowers

Torn Meniscus

Symptoms prevented – walking running, basically any complex exercise!

James was hugely helpful, diagnosing as far as he could, what had happened and explaining all very clearly and succinctly. It was indeed a torn meniscus with  Hoffa’s Pad and stage 4 Parrot Beak rubbing inside of kneecap, complex!  James assistance was brilliant.

Rebecca Tregarden

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