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It turns out that a lack of exercise in our lives is a silent killer. The World Health Organisation lists physical inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor for death in adults across the world.

The latest research shows when it comes to heart disease, leading a sedentary life is as great a risk factor as smoking and obesity. In fact, inactivity in terms of disease risk, is more dangerous than being overweight.

So if you, like many people, spend long periods of time sitting, this is particularly bad news, as it increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The most current research has shown that even normal weight individuals that are inactive, are at risk of developing disease. There is a molecular pathway that is essential to burning fats, that shuts down with inactivity, and that subsequently increases your risk of developing heart disease.

So this month we’re running a campaign to raise awareness of the risks of spending too many hours sitting at a desk.

We’ve also produced a range of downloads to help you be more active at work and reduce the risk of suffering from some of the consequences of long periods of desk work.


About James

James Tomkies
MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist
HCPC Registered

James has been practising for over 28 years and specialises in Biomechanics and movement analysis. 

He is a diagnostic expert ensuring the correct solution to your injury by providing innovative care using the most up to date physiotherapy techniques. James has links with orthopaedic consultants specialising in both back and other injuries.

James formed PhysioElite in 2001 and has a mature practice dealing with patients from 9 years to 92 years. He has developed strong links with local community organisations such as nursing homes and local GPs.  James is based at The Old Woolmart, Hambrook, BS16 1RB