This is an exercise program carried out in the water that maintains your flexibility, minimises the risk of reinjury and ensures that you have an additional exercise programme that allows you to manage your condition.  In order for us to provide you with an exercise programme we will either meet you at an appropriate venue or come to a pool where you are a member.

How it Works

We take our patients who are appropriate for Hydrotherapy to a venue of their choice to go through a series of stretches and mobilisation exercises that will allow you to manage both your flexibility and symptoms.  James will provide a laminated exercises sheet for you to carry out your exercises in your own choice of pool.  This is the type of exercise programme that can be carried out indefinitely in order to maintain flexibility, minimise the risk of re-injury and ensure prevention of pain return


Is hydrotherapy appropriate for me? And How can my hydrotherapy exercises help me?

Physioelite has a very simple process for helping patients use their local pool to benefit them.  We do a single teaching session usually over 60 minutes to provide the patient with a series of exercises to do in the water to improve both their mobility and strength.  This teaching session is highly effective and provides the patient with an ongoing water-based management programme which can be done independently at their local pool.  Hydrotherapy exercises can be extremely helpful in terms of prevention.

You will be provided with a laminated exercise sheet.

What if I am afraid of water?

If you are water phobic hydrotherapy will be inappropriate for you however, we will discuss with you during the treatment process whether you are happy to go to your local pool to do the hydrotherapy education session and can adapt a session to suit your requirements.

Latest News


"I went to James after running an Ultra Marathon and picking up what I thought was a knee injury back in February. James successfully diagnosed a deep tissue hamstring injury and the problem was resolved after 3 sessions with him. I was very pleased to be back running in no time at all."

Jason Dickson

"I found James' physio treatment to be highly effective. He was extremely helpful throughout and taught me which exercises would be useful in preventing the issue from coming back again. Highly recommend him."

Marcus Forsey

"I went to see James following a sports mishap, at which stage I couldn't bend or sit without extreme discomfort. Within 2 weeks I was considerably improved and after another 6 weeks I am back to 95% with the final 5% in my hands following an exercise programme devised by James. It has been well worth getting professional treatment!"

Rhys Lankester

"Fantastic, professional service with great results. James was friendly, flexible and person focused. Having had my injury for two years I was pessimistic about what I might achieve from the sessions, but the improvement was brilliant. James was transparent about what I might expect to achieve from the sessions and how much it might cost from the outset. As a qualified physio I'd highly recommend Physioelite!"

Emily Plant

"James provided an excellent service as he helped me recover from damaged knee ligaments and after 3 months of sessions and following a tailored exercise programme I am now back on the pitch. Thanks James!"

Mike Akers

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