Tapping & Strapping

Taping can be an extremely useful component of your treatment plan. We use a specific type of tape called RockTape which has a strong glue which prevents the tape from coming off during exercise, showering or bathing or swimming.

The tape will generally stay on for 3-5 days and will enhance the result of your treatment.  Taping and Strapping is a very specialist area involving quite detailed expertise.  Some people will attempt to tape themselves; this is not recommended as it is very difficult to tape yourself and often tape will be applied incorrectly.

Tape needs to be applied by a very specific method ensuring that there is no tension on the tape ends and that the tape is not touched when applied.  Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and fees do apply.  Physioelite has two taping fees.  For a one-off tape the charge is £8 and for unlimited taping during your treatment process the charge is £20.  This will ensure that you get both value for money from the taping process and that the tape is applied regularly.

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"I went to James after running an Ultra Marathon and picking up what I thought was a knee injury back in February. James successfully diagnosed a deep tissue hamstring injury and the problem was resolved after 3 sessions with him. I was very pleased to be back running in no time at all."

Jason Dickson

"I found James' physio treatment to be highly effective. He was extremely helpful throughout and taught me which exercises would be useful in preventing the issue from coming back again. Highly recommend him."

Marcus Forsey

"I went to see James following a sports mishap, at which stage I couldn't bend or sit without extreme discomfort. Within 2 weeks I was considerably improved and after another 6 weeks I am back to 95% with the final 5% in my hands following an exercise programme devised by James. It has been well worth getting professional treatment!"

Rhys Lankester

"Fantastic, professional service with great results. James was friendly, flexible and person focused. Having had my injury for two years I was pessimistic about what I might achieve from the sessions, but the improvement was brilliant. James was transparent about what I might expect to achieve from the sessions and how much it might cost from the outset. As a qualified physio I'd highly recommend Physioelite!"

Emily Plant

"James provided an excellent service as he helped me recover from damaged knee ligaments and after 3 months of sessions and following a tailored exercise programme I am now back on the pitch. Thanks James!"

Mike Akers

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