Book Review – Life Under Fire by Jason Fox ex Special Services Soldier with the Special Boat Service

James now listens to books via Audible whilst exercising. Generally, he manages to read one book a week and in forthcoming posts he will review one book a month.

This is an excellent book to understand strategies that can help to improve your resilience to the ups and downs of life. Jason Fox has real life experience of extreme environments and extreme training through his military service. The book is well written and provides some excellent strategies for building resilience in what are currently quite tough times for most people.

He explains in some detail the mindset required to build resilience and tactics from his military training that give you actionable strategies for day-to-day life.

So often the key to success in life is good planning and preparation and he goes into some detail in this area. He also shares his experiences with PTSD and is very honest about some of the lows he had following his exit from high level military service.

He has been involved in the Who Dares Wins series on Channel 4 and interestingly all the directing staff i.e. his military colleagues on the series have to be involved in the challenges prior to the participants doing them. Either the hardcopy or audible versions are available and would make a great gift for somebody you care about.