In this article I am going to be talking about time restricted eating (TRE). This is a form of fasting made famous by a number of celebrities including Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame.

The basics of TRE is that you eat most of your calories in a narrow window ideally 12 hours, although if you can  reduce the time period during which you eat that generally makes the method more effective. An example of a manageable time period would be 8am to 8pm ensuring you do not eat late. Generally you would only be drinking water outside these hours of calorie intake. Most of the body’s fat burning occurs 6-8 hours after your last meal so effectively your body is burning fat overnight if you are following this regime.

The great thing about this form of fasting is that it is pretty easy to achieve as long as you get into the discipline of eating between set hours like 8am to 8pm. The technique of TRE has been demonstrated to help reset the immune system and put your body into a repair mode helping with maintenance of your main body systems. TRE also compliments ongoing dietary change.

The reference for this article is the Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosely. It is an excellent read and provides a lot of very useful information if you are thinking about techniques such as TRE. I will be breaking down the maintaining a healthy weight portion of information into multiple parts so the next blog will be with you soon ……